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Forged Precision Bearing Kingpin Type Swivel Castors with Total Lock Brake System

Bracket :

ABLP Series

● Forged Single piece alloy steel top plate with an integrally forged kingpin and forged fork base
● Totally Sealed Swivel Head with grease nipple
● Swivel Head: Combination of Precision Thrust Bearing & Tapered Roller Bearing
● Slotted Nut & Cotter Pin arrangement to adjust swivel head play during usage
● Fork Legs: cylindrically formed, robotically welded inside & outside

Wheel :

● Polyurethane Wheels + Cast Iron Core
● High Quality Tread, Hardness Shore A 93 +/- 3

Technical Data:

Wheel Diameter

150 mm

Wheel width

75 mm

Load capacity @ 4KMPH

1050 kg

Load Capacity (Static)

3000 kg

Bearing Type

Ball Bearings

Total Height

212 mm

Plate Size

175 x140 mm

Bolt Hole Spacing

140 x 105 mm

Bolt Hole Diameter

– mm


– mm

Tread Hardness

93°±3° Shore A

Temperature Resistance Min.

–20 C

Temperature Resistance Max.

+85 C

Non-Marking Tread


Anti-static Tread Option


Low Noise


Low Rolling Resistance


Electric Conducive


Bearing Grease


Swivel Head Section

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