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Special accessories for worldwide industrial applications

Special accessories for world-wide industrial applications

Tailored Design

Every accessory is designed to meet the specific needs of your industry, guaranteeing a perfect match for your particular requirements.

Versatile Applications

Our range caters to a wide array of applications, making them suitable for diverse industry environments.

Reliable Performance

We focus on making our accessories strong and reliable, so they can handle the demands of everyday use.

Efficiency Boost

By integrating our accessories into your workflow, experience a significant improvement in efficiency and productivity.

Boost Your Productivity with Muvtons Custom Accessories Designed for Your Workflow Needs

Tailored Accessories for Every Need

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LTL Medium Duty Floor Truck locks

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TLF-HD Heavy Duty Truck Locks

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TLHJ Single Sided Duty Floor Truck Locks

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LTL-DW Truck locks with Sideway Operation

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STG -Heavy Duty Scene Shifter


Top Swivel Head

Maintenance- free Kingpinless Swivel Head Top Plate Mounting

Standard ISO 2184 Class 4 Solid Steel Triangular Base 12mm thick


Possibility of Mounting Different Castors

Available Finish

Polymer Painted – Black Colour

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Thread Guards

Fail-safe castors for the textile industry that can run for months without cleaning.

Completely prevents thread & yarn build-up in the castor.

Eliminates the need for daily cleaning of yarn & fluff build-up, leading to massive savings on maintenance costs.

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Brush Guards

For sensitive applications that demand absolute floor protection.

Continuously brushed away metal chips and isolates the wheel tread surface from debris.

Prevent cuts & tears on the wheel tread, ensuring wheel tread longevity.

Eliminates frequent castor-replacement costs.

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