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Transforming industries worldwide with world class Castors and Wheels

Transforming industries worldwide with world class Castors and Wheels

Four Decades of Excellence in Castors

Years of Quality

Our journey, spanning over 47+ years, is marked by our commitment to innovation and excellence. We craft state-of-the-art solutions tailor-made for a variety of industries.

We’ve successfully partnered with sectors as varied as the automotive and aviation industries to construction and food processing, delivering castors that aren’t just high-quality but are also exceptional in value.

Our focus on customer satisfaction isn’t just a promise – it’s our legacy to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Revolutionizing Industry Standards with Muvtons Castors

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Automatic Guided Vehicles

AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) are key to reducing operating costs, provided their castors are up to the task of persistent, heavy-duty use. Recognizing this, Muvtons has developed the SAS-HP drive wheels specifically for AGVs.

These wheels are engineered for enhanced manoeuvrability and high performance, ensuring your AGVs operate efficiently and effectively under the most demanding conditions.

Industries & Applications

AGV manufacturers


Warehouse & distribution

Picking systems

Line stock delivery

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Textile Industry

Muvtons drives progress by turning challenges into opportunities for your growth. Our thread guard castors are designed to protect wheels and floors, leading to lower maintenance costs. They are resistant to chemicals and water, preventing thread ingress, and require minimal effort to push or pull.

Additionally, they are specially crafted to avoid leaving stains on fabric, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and cost-effective solution for your operations.

Features of our castors

Effortless handling with reduced push-pull efforts

Prevents damage to wheels and floors

Innovative thread guard to prevent thread ingress

Ensures no fabric stains

Low maintenance and corrosion-resistant design

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Food Processing Industry

In the food processing sector, adherence to stringent sanitation norms is paramount. At Muvtons, we recognize the critical need for castors capable of enduring regular and intense washdowns.

To address this, we have pioneered the development of our exclusive stainless steel castors. Our SFS Series of Wheels, featuring sealed precision bearings, are designed to ensure smooth and efficient cleaning cycles, upholding the highest standards of hygiene in the food industry environment.

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Automotive Industry

Muvtons is a leading expert in the automotive industry. Our journey began with the automotive sector, where we have continually excelled and innovated. We specialise in creating durable and efficient castors and wheels for carts, dollies, and trolleys. Our products play a crucial role for seamlessly moving automobile components to many of our customers.

Our products are designed to be strong, long-lasting, able to handle tough use and meet the demands of manufacturers who require continuous operation. Our castors and wheels for the automotive industry are low-maintenance, comfortable to use, and reliable, making them essential for your production needs.

Features of our castors

Superior ergonomics, minimising push-pull efforts

Significant reduction in in-plant noise levels by up to 45 dB

Factory floor protection

Maintenance-free castors

Prolonged castors lifespan despite heavy usage

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Material Handling Industry

Our industry-leading castors and wheels guarantee seamless movement in any rough environment. Our products, from carts to conveyors, are engineered for durability and precision and meet the demands of material  handling worldwide.

With a commitment to innovation and quality, Muvtons elevates the material handling experience with ergonomic excellence, delivering mobility solutions that endure and excel.

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Lift Truck Wheels

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DABE 100

Construction Industry (1)


In the fast-paced world of construction, the mobility of equipment is crucial. Muvtons excels in providing tailored castor and wheel solutions to meet this vital need.

Our range includes premium scaffolding castors, each meticulously engineered to cater to the various requirements of the construction industry. Our scaffolding castors positive locking & heavy-duty swivel combo is the ultimate game-changer. Compliant with BS EN 1004:2020 standards, we’re here to ensure your construction journey is safer and smoother.

Features of our castors

Safe and Sturdy

Heavy-Duty Swivel Head

Swivel and Wheel Lock Combo


Construction Certificate@4x 1
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SCAFFOLDING CASTOR - Forged Kingpin Type

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SCAFFOLDING CASTOR - Zero Offset Scaffolding Castors

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Airport & Aviation

Muvtons castors are specifically designed for heavy cargo and ground support, capable of withstanding abuse of power towing at speeds of up to 10 kmph. This ensures durability and heat resistance over extended distances. 

Additionally, Muvtons air cargo BMS castors, ideal for airport logistics, are designed for top performance. They feature a sealed swivel head and reinforced nylon wheels, providing smooth, consistent, and unstoppable delivery performance in demanding airport environments.

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